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Decorative Surfacing

What is High Pressure Laminate (HPL)?

Like engineered wood panels, HPL is mostly wood fiber—several layers of core, or “kraft” paper (similar to that used for brown paper bags), topped with a solid color or printed decorative layer and a protective wear layer.

As exclusive distributors of Formica® products in the Canadian Prairie Provinces, we carry sheets of Formica® laminate in every color, wood grain, pattern, faux finish and texture to fabricators of counters, desks, furniture, and more. With a little creativity and a lot of imagination, we can help you create something fabulous to fit your client’s style and taste.

New Realism from FormicaThe New Realism – Formica Group’s Commercial Launch, Fall 2010

This new comprehensive collection was developed using three key drivers:

  • Design & Style Trends. Formica’s new colors and patterns represent current styles, while taking into consideration longevity and usability.
  • Global Accessibility. Formica’s international design team developed this collection to be available in Europe, Asia and North America.
  • Coordination. Patterns were developed with a Colorbox concept where solid colors coordinate with patterns and together harmonize with woodgrains

View all the New Realism Swatches

Other Laminates Include:

Solid Colors – every color in the rainbow, and more!
Specialty Laminates

Finish Collections

    Finish Collection
  • Artisan™ - earthy beauty
  • Microdot™ - concave circles in a tight grid pattern give any room a modern look
  • Naturelle™- has a realistic wood finish and embossed “ticking” texture to give you
    the character of wood and the ease of laminate.
  • Sculpted™ - a twist on timeless solid colors and patterns. Ideal for vertical applications.
  • PremiumFX™
    • Honed™ - looks just like stone. With its low-sheen finish and subtle
      crevices, they’ll be fooled.
    • Etchings™ - softly polished and etched finish, it replicates granite and stone.
    • Riverwash™ - this low-luster line mimics concrete, sand, granite and quartz stone patterns.
    • Crystal – a collection of laminates with a brighter and more durable surface in solids and stone patterns.
    • Radiance™ - this assortment of laminates has a gloss finish punctuated with texture and 3-D holographic facets that refract and reflect light.
    • View the entire product line in this brochure.

Patterns - Formica makes a variety of patterns made to look like wood grains, natural stone, fallen leaves, concrete, smoke, seagrass, leather, and other inanimate objects. To view their long list of patterns, click here.

180fx™ - this collection replicates the look and true scale of
a natural granite slab without the repetition of pattern found
in conventional laminates. To see this entire product line,
view Formica’s 180fx brochure.



DecoMetal® - get the look of any metal, with different types
of patterns and textures. Made from real metal foil, you can have the look of metal and the ease of fabrication in one.
View swatches here.


Melamine Decorative Papers for TFM Panels – Design possibilities are extensive as most colors within the Formica High Pressure Laminate Solid Color Range, Woodgrains and Patterns Collections are also available in the Formica Melamine Decorative Paper Program.
To view the entire colour swatch collection, view the brochure here.

Solid Surfacing

Solid SurfacingAnother line of decorative surfacing we carry is Formica® Solid Surfacing. Inspired by both man-made and natural materials, it offers beautiful color throughout the entire half inch (12.7 mm) product, allowing for many design and edging options.

Solid Surfacing Brochure

InDepth Surfacing® by Formica Group offers a 60% thicker surface then standard solid surfacing (at a total of three centimeters (3cm) or 1 1/8 inches), as well as a new contemporary array of colors and patterns ranging from subtle to dramatic.

InDepth Surfacing® Brochure

Formica’s Solid Surfacing Fabrication Guide

FormicaSupplier information

For more information on available products, colors, finishes, specialty laminates and more, visit Formica’s website at

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